Saturday, October 1, 2011

Es gibt keine Kängurus in Österreich! (Our trip to Wien)

Es gibt keine Kängurus in Österreich! There are no kangaroos in Austria!

Bratislava, Slovakia is a great starting-off place for Vienna. It is cheap to fly into, cheap to stay in, and only an hour by train away from Vienna. We had planned on taking a sightseeing river cruise for the way there, but the Danube river had been too low and the boat was not in operation. This worked out for the best though, because a worker at our hostel informed us that if we bought a certain round-trip train ticket, we could use it for free travel on public transportation in Vienna all day. This was perfect because we didn't have a map of the city and were planning on just exploring as we could, so it was nice to be very flexible with transportation.

Upon arrival in Vienna we stopped at Starbucks. We love drinking espressi and cappuccini in Italy, but sometimes a girl's gotta have a Caramel Macchiato! They also had free wifi and clean bathrooms so it was a good place to start our day and figure out where we wanted to head first.

One of our favorite souvenirs we saw in Vienna was the sign (also printed on tshirts, etc) "No Kangaroos In Austria!" I know some geography-challenged people that could hang this sign in their rooms.

We decided to head over to the opera house and see what we stumbled upon on our way there.

It was fun to be further north in Europe because it really felt like fall. The trees were changing colors, the temperature felt brisk and it was a little overcast in the morning.
"Days grow colder, night grows longer, summer says its goodbyes..."

We found a cool looking Soviet monument next to an even cooler art sculpture monument thing about time.

More cool places in Vienna!

We had lunch at the delicious 1516 Brewing Company.

After lunch we took the afternoon to explore again and see more sights in Vienna! We saw some more churches, the big Swarovski store, a dog with dreadlocks

We stopped at a café for coffee, tea, desserts and relaxation. Tried to head back to Bratislava but got on the wrong tram for a stop. Got on the next one as it turned back and headed right back to the station. Lookin' like fools, but we had a great time doing so. I loved Vienna, it was so beautiful, full of culture and really interesting!

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