Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Beginning

Andy and I are leaving two weeks from today (add 50 minutes and two weeks from right now to be precise) for Italia! We will spend a small honeymoon in Rome and then head to Arezzo where we will be living for four months. I cannot wait to return to Arezzo, and Andy is so excited to get there. We are starting this blog so our friends and families can keep track of us since cell phone use will be pretty minimal.

Sure, I know that travel blogs are overdone these days. But we're still going to do one. Not to promote it and say "Hey! You! Look at all the cool stuff we are doing!" but because so many people have asked us to keep one. If you're not interested, I don't want you to read it. But if you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy. We will post stories, photos and more from our travels this fall.

Devon & Andy
(or Dandy as the Features Family likes to call us)

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  1. oh, Dandy. love you both and love the sass in this post ahaha. travel blogs are great. now we get to keep up with you two AND be jealous! enjoy your honeymoon, I know you guys will have a GREAT time!