Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jetting Over the Atlantic

We said goodbye to our families after breakfast at Original Pancake House (Dear Features Fam Eating Fanatics, visit this in Dallas or where ever you find one. yum!) and going to the airport. My bag was 49.5 lbs and Andy's was 49, packed almost to the limit. We flew to Chicago (one of the shortest flights you will ever ride) and then to Rome!

Enjoyed reading about football and how OU is going to dominate this season. But was sad when thinking about how I won't get to see the games front row in the stadium.

On the way back from London we will be on a 777, but for this flight we rode a 767. I forgot how there is a pretty big difference. There was so little leg room (and that's for me, so I feel even worse for Andy!) We flew with the UCLA Women's Basketball team, they were doing some tournament and tour in Rome. (While walking around Rome we also saw the UConn team.) The team was friendly, but also quite loud in a variety of ways. #1 - The Bear. This girl snored so loudly, it was crazy. We thought there was a grizzly on the flight at first. #2 - While I'm trying to sleep, a player and manager in the row behind me are having a discussion about religion and God. I wake up, kinda turn around to give a friendly but pointed "you are quite loud!" look to them. They apologize, but continue at the same volume! Didn't sleep much, but oh well--I'm going to Italy!!

At one point during the flight I had a dream that I was playing volleyball. I went to dig the ball, and my arms flew up hitting my tray and waking me up. It was pretty funny, and Andy was so confused.

Dinner was the same as last year besides a different entree. Felt bad for the Italians on the flight eating the ravioli because it was no buono. Check out the creamy salad dressing and its motto "Pour it on!" #thisiswhyyou'reobese

And the last picture, a beautiful sunset over the Atlantic.

We arrived in Rome, went through passport control, picked up our bags and walked out the door. Yeah, you know how in the US you have to fill out the entry form, claim whatever you are bringing into the country, they might check your bags? None of that. Customs is just at the exit, where you either stop by an office and the floor is painted red, or you walk through the green zone, out the door and into a taxi.

Devon & Andy

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