Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rome-ing Around (part 1)

I was disappointed with our taxi ride to Rome. I had told Andy about last year when there was a traffic jam on the highway, and everyone was just ignoring lanes, fitting through whatever small spaces they could find. I saw some of the worst Rome driving. (See what I mean with this video.) Unfortunately, it was a pretty smooth ride.

We made it to the hotel around 11. We figured our room wouldn't be ready yet, but amazingly it was. Even more amazing, they had upgraded us from the annex of the hotel to a room with a view of the Pantheon.
It was perfect! You are right there in the middle of everything. It was about a 5 minute walk to Piazza Navona, a little more to Campo Di Fiori, 15-20 to Colosseum, etc. Lovely. Except it was deathly hot. I think I was sweating more there than I was in Oklahoma.

The nice thing with Rome is that they have public water fountains all over! You buy a bottle of water once, and just keep refilling it whenever you need. Saved us so much money to be able to drink out of those. I will miss them when in the rest of Italy.

Our first stop after dropping our bags off and cooling down for a bit was Tazza D'Oro for coffee granita! It is so delicious. Shaved ice/coffee stuff with some whipped cream (too much but I scrape it off haha). Perfect way to cool down a little.
Then went to Mercato in Campo Di Fiori and got some pizza.

Then we walked. and walked. and walked. Probably about 10 miles that day. Had a lot of fun exploring Rome. Andy got to pick up country #4, Vatican City (yes, it does count as a country). We went all over, and then visited many of the places again at night.  The Four Rivers Bernini statue below.

More of the Piazza Navona.

We stopped at Tre Scalini and picked up some tartufo (cherry wrapped in chocolate ice cream and chocolate shavings).

And then we passed out, so tired!

For more Rome pictures, check out my tumblr.

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  1. love the photos and you guys look so good...Italy suits you. =) already jealous of your trip and all the pretty things you see when you walk!